School Balls Lighting Hire, Tauranga

School ball lighting

With our range of led lighting for school balls in Tauranga we can offer a lighting rig that can really set the mood for your school ball, at a great price!

We have great school ball lighting hire packages that will offer you the sophisticated room lighting for dinner and then at the click of the button (and some haze in the air) use those same lights to get your party started! 

Our truss can take many forms, customized to your school ball needs. Weather that's just upright truss dotted around the room, a complete cube structure.... or maybe an arch way lit up any colour you want.... 

school ball lighting hire

Top right:

A wedding was the occasion and a secluded field on the Kaimai Ranges was the venue. Noise Control was the band. Great weekend had by all!

Bottom right:

They were having a party in their new house so we lit the place up properly for the night.

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