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A few gigs...

National Filipino Festival, Tauranga 2015

Labour Weekend, 2015 at QEII in Tauranga. We had over 1550 people at the cultural night as a part of the National Filipino Festival.   Then on the Sunday night we did a Mrs Filipino New Zealand Pagent.  Graceful Lighting supplied sound, lighting, A.V and drapes for the event.

Kung Fu Monks

An interesting gig in Tauranga last week with Shaolin Kung Fu Monks. They were throwing needles through glass and breaking steel on their heads! As well as Chinese dancing and instrumental/vocal items were truly unique. 

Wedding/festival in a field!

Noise Control ripping it up!
Here is some pictures from a wedding with a festival themed reception we did a couple of weeks ago. No one expected to find a full on light show with bands and D&B DJs in a secluded field when they turned up... Very happy clients and guests!

2014 Country Music Star awads with Dan Cosgrove

Country Music Start awards, Tauranga 2014
Heres a couple of pics from the Country Music Start awards in Tauranga over Labour weekend with Dan Cosgrove

Example @ Waihi Beach Hotel Jan 2013

Here's a video I found when we did lighting for Example a Waihi Beach Hotel on the 3rd jan 2013!

Blind Kiwi singer’s John Denver act catches Broadway director’s attention
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